My First Jewelry Piece

My First Jewelry Piece

So what has been happening around the Fabled Fields studio? Well, I’ve finally finished my first jewelry piece (more on that in a moment), and I’ve been working on the website as well.

A Colorful Development

SapphireLavaI have been experimenting with dyes, adhesives, resins and the like for months now, and I”m finally ready to unveil my Swatches Page. It will undoubtedly remain a work in progress for years to come, but it should at least give an idea of what is possible.. The longer I experiment with DragonSkyn, the more it teaches me about how to bring out its true beauty, depth and color!

EmberBlack OpalI’ve created the Swatches Page so that those who are interested in requesting custom work will have a solid idea of what color combinations are available. Of course, I can also custom-mix dyes to match swatches sent to me as well, if that is your preference! Hopefully the Swatches Page, in combination with my Ladies-In-Waiting images, will allow you to come up with an unique combination of form and color that speaks to your soul.

I am also now accepting commission work, if you have an old piece which needs the new life of DragonSkyn breathed into it. Simply contact me and we will get to work!

In With the New!


I found this beauty in a Goodwill down the road, just begging to be turned into something striking and beautiful. While it was nice as it was, it really needed more color and wow factor. So that’s just what I gave it! Drumroll please…

DragonSkyn Bracelet

I call this color of DragonSkyn Aventurine, after the beautiful blue-purple rock. It’s a combination of a purple dragon leather and a clever combination of dyes and shading to create the mottled effect.

So now that I’m getting a few pieces finished, I’ll soon be able to list some items in my Etsy Store! Naturally, I hope to soon be listing more and more as I get a groove going.

For those of you who are local, I also have plans to be part of the Etsy Store at this year’s Appalachian Fair in Gray, TN. So if you’re planning on visiting the fair at all, please be sure to drop by the Farm and Home building; there will be a whole group of extremely talented and crafty gals strutting their stuff this year!

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